book-reading-vintage-woman-Set up by Yonca Alpaslan & Burhan Bulut, Sugar Rush is an Istanbul based production house born from ambition of making great commercials- both TVCs and virals.
Our goal is quite simple, we’d like to produce creative ads, work with nice people and we believe that quality work finds its place above the rest.
Sugar Rush is built on a heritage of a large number of commercials and music videos, our partners have spent years cooperating with global brands, top directors and cutting edge advertising agencies.
We don’t aim to be a traditional production house, our offer to our clients is to be their business partner and solution maker with a flexible manner of work, to provide all sorts of different budgets, depending on the project. At Sugar Rush, no project is a “small” project yet no project is treated as secondary. All the jobs we serve are treated equally, no matter the budget total, our approach to the production quality remains the same.

So far we were lucky enough to work with such clients as Microsoft, HSBC, Akbank, Garanti Bank, Pantene P&G, Algida Unilever, Turksat, Petrol Ofisi, Arko Evyap and agencies like Grey Istanbul, Leo Burnett Istanbul, Publicis Yorum, DDF Istanbul, Piramit, THE Reklam and Alpha Dog…

Yonca Alpaslan;
Graduated from Radio, TV and Cinema Department at Marmara University, Istanbul.
Yonca started her career as a trainee at television sector in her first years at university. Worked in various TV channels including ATV and Number 1 TV on live broadcast crew, continuing as director on Channel TV8.
Switched to advertisement career in 2000, starting up from video assisting, continued as production assistant and working her way up. Since then Yonca worked in commercial production area for several production houses such as A&A and Edcommercials.
Yonca is a Lomography admirer, beginner rollerblader, retro lover and motobiker. Speaks Turkish, English & German.

Burhan Bulut;
Burhan started his career as a production assistant in 1997 at Group Production Istanbul. Later on he carried on working at several other production houses such as A&A, PTT Film, IFR as location & production manager. He switched to line producing at feature films and as freelance producer for clients like Carrefour, Dogtas and Ela Resort… Burhan is a skater & snow boarder and a pro motobiker.

Evrim Ercisli;
Graduated from Physics Department in Istanbul University, Evrim started his production career at 1997 as a runner in CO Production Istanbul.
Hitherto he worked at several production houses as a freelance production assistant, location manager then production manager and line producer for photo shoots, TV series, feature films, music videos and documentaries. Evrim took part in almost 1000 TVC’s.
Besides, he has some pub, casting agency, real estate and e-commerce bussiness experiences so far.
Evrim is a pro-motobiker and a sea & motorsports lover. Speaks English & Turkish.

Magdalena Wojcieszak-Copuroglu;
Graduated from Journalism in University of Warsaw with master’s degree, Magdalena started her career in high school as a correspondent of a local radio station and newspaper in Gorzow Wlkp. Following this, she worked in Atomic TV and later in MTV as a junior producer/ director. She moved to Istanbul in 2004. Here she worked as correspondent/ producer of the Polish news channel TVN24 and on other media projects from Poland. Afterwards she stepped into advertisement film production industry by cooperating with PTT Production and later working at Edcommercials. Magdalena is a social media and Istanbul lover. Speaks Polish, English & Turkish.

Alper Gurtop;
Graduated from Climating Department in Kocaeli University, Alper started his career at 2008 as art director’s assistant. Later on he continued to work as production assistant and moved on as a production manager for TVC’s.
Alper is a former football professional and he still plays in a football team on amateur league.
Loves horse riding and nature sports.